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December 2014 Newsletter

Living in Antiquity HOA Newsletter

Antiquity-Cornelius Community Association, Inc.
Board of Directors Minutes of Meeting - June 4, 2013

The 2013 Second Quarter meeting of the Board of Directors for the Antiquity-Cornelius Community Association, Inc. was held Tuesday, June 4, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. at the Anitquity-Cornelius pool.

The meeting was called to order by Association Manager Jennifer Cook at 4:20 PM. In attendance were Marc Frye, Mickey Gianniccini, Cam Finley, and Jennifer Cook, the Association Manager, along with members of the Associations.

New contract was signed in January 2013. Review of changes and level of service. Items brought up by members of the Association pine needle application not same level as past years, tree trimming, rear yards being missed. Cam Finley recommended a letter to Superior Landscape stating items not being taken care of in contract with 30 days to review. Jennifer Cook to do further discovery into the items being brought up in complaints compared to contract.

Builder Turnover to the HOA
Meeting Street has several new homes that have outstanding landscape items that need to be taken care of before the HOA will take on responsibility for repair/replacement. Also 932-948 Gardners Way along with Crew Cottage Close have grass that needs to be replaced. Cam Finley will put these items out to the owner of Meeting Street to be repaired before new contracts are signed.

Old Canal Road Collapse
Cam Finley gave an update on the reason the road collapsed along with the time line for repair. The estimated date to re-open Old Canal is about 4 weeks out.

Pool – New Access
ID’s are now being checked along with the pool access card. A sign at the pool entrance down the ramp indicating you must have your ID was recommended and seconded by Cam Finley. Jennifer Cook to get appropriate wording and sign ordered.

Notices to Owners
Central location for correspondence was discussed. A suggestion was to add a closed in board for postings; tabled until details of the common area are further along. Discussion began about adding minutes from Board of Director meetings to the Anqtiquity-nc.com developer run website. Cam Finley will check with the webmaster on this change. Owners notified they can request minutes any time through Hawthorne Management.

Venture Claim

The meeting was adjourned at 5:15 p.m.